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About Us

Mother & daughter create first book to share the many ways of creating a family.


Second book created in partnership with Boxfull to share a message of compassion and empathy. 

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- Kathy & Ava -  

Kathy is a busy professional, wife, and mother of two wonderful little humans. She describes herself as "Passionate, creative, and motivated… a lover of big hugs, good wine, and dark chocolate!"


Her daughter, Ava, is an extraordinary girl with a rare chromosome disorder, Turner Syndrome (TS). TS only affects girls, and 99% of TS girls don't survive to birth. "Ava is the 1% that made it into this world and into my arms," says Kathy.


Ava’s favorite past time is reading books and pretending she is the leading character. She was finally granted that wish as she is the true inspiration for their children’s book, Yes, You Can My Little One.


Ava’s journey to having a family one day will be different than what is often considered ‘typical' as her condition will not allow her to have children of her own. "I wanted her to know that there is more than one narrative on becoming a parent, and that each person will have a different experience and story," explains Kathy.


With hope, bravery and unyielding love, this children's book reveals many ways of creating a family. In a series of heartfelt moments between mother and daughter, they imagine the different paths to having a family that the daughter’s life may take.  It’s a story hardly ever told, but very often experienced. Kathy states, "Capturing concepts such as pregnancy, IVF, adoption, and surrogacy in language that a child would understand was an important part of this process."


"It's me! It's me! I'm in the book!" - Ava Quarles, age 5

- Kathy & Jen -  

Jen is the owner of Boxfull; a company that sends a hug in a box! Jen and Kathy have been friends and colleagues for nearly 10 years.  They share a passion for spreading joy and lifting others up, and they found a perfect opportunity to do so together when Jen had the idea for Kathy to write a book about her Boxfull bear!  

The idea started in late 2021, the book was written by January 2022, and illustration and publishing completed and ready for ready for reveal in July 2022. 

"We're SO excited to have the opportunity to partner together on this, and we hope this will make a real difference in people's lives!"- Kathy & Jen

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